An adult Yao Gaui

Yao Gaui are amoung the most fearsome of creatures in the wasteland. Fast, agile and powerful.


Yao Gaui's originated from black bears. They are on of the fastest species of mutation today. They are strong hunters and very territorial. They are almost always found alone. The only time they would be found together would be mating season. Yao Gaui will attack almost anything moving in the wasteland including Deathclaws.they mostly travel the mountainous ranges and hilly locations. Some wasteland scavengers have even been able to tame Yao Gaui.

Yao guai close

Yao Gaui up close


Yao Gaui attack using slashes and running pounces. Yao Gaui have one of the highest levels of perception in the wasteland. making them extremely deadly.

Life CycleEdit

Yao Gaui mate in the months febuary to april. during this time almost non can be found. They hide away with their mate for special purposes. Yao Gaui give birth to live younge, having three at a time. After mating season, the male will abandon the rest of the group and once again become solo. The mother will raise the younge all on her own. Yao Gaui have a lifespan of about thirty years.

Super Yao GauiEdit

Super yao gaui

A sketch drawn by a wastelander who sighted the super Yao Gaui

Their has been romour about a super yao gaui. A yao gaui which was formed from a wolf. Some wastelanders and scavengers claim to have seen this monstrosity. Apparently is was sighted around Oasis.